Swiss National Championship 2019: Sandra Loosli defends title

At the Swiss Championships 2019 this weekend in Kaiseraugst, Sandra Loosli caused a small sensation by defending her title from last year with Border Collie Lane. Silvan Zumthurm and Staffordshire Bullterrier win the Medium tournament with a huge time difference, while Claudia Schwab and Mitch win the Small title. Wit that victory, they close a small gap in their successful career. Sandra Loosli was already set for the final as last year’s winner. In this she convinced already at the first Jumping on Sunday of the Slovenian guest judge Blaz Oven with a sensational run that should be unequaled. Not quite a second ahead of runner-up Patrick Martin and Fuego. Many other favorites as Martin Eberle or Silvan Zumthurm failed in exactly this Jumping at a trap with the tunnel. In the last run Sandra Loosli only had to save her nerves and bring the run home. Finally, she wins with 1.5 seconds ahead out of both races ahead of Pascal Risi and Cainy. Third is Letizia Grunder with Pirate. By far the fastest time on the final day had actually national team member Alice Laforge and Tesla. However, they did not stay clean in Jumping.

Large (Full results)
gold Sandra Loosli with Lane
silver Pascal Risi with Cainy
bronze Letizia Grunder with Pirate

There was a clear decision in the Medium tournament, where Silvan Zumthurm and Penny took the title by more than eleven seconds. After the final Jumping, the team, which one may like to call exotics among the usual races, was in second place. In the lead was at this time still last year’s second placed Simone Ablanalp with Deju. In the A-run was the long overdue title too early history. They received a contact error at the A-frame. This secured Silvan Zumthurm also the second Swiss championship title in a row in the Medium category. This year with Penny instead of Sloane from last year. Second place went to Melanie Tamburino and Muscat, third place to Gudrun Hasler and Sasu.

Medium (Full results)
gold Silvan Zumthurm with Penny
silver Melanie Tamburino with Muscat
bronze Gudrun Hasler with Sasu

Slightly less clear were the gaps in the Small Tournament, where Claudia Schwab and Mitch can claim the Swiss championship title for the first time. Most recently, Claudia Schwab succeeded in 2015 with Jet. Also here was after the first round not the later winner Claudia Schwab on the first rank. That place was held at that time by Patrick Martin with Grisu. In the end, the time decided with 2.75 in favor of Claudia Schwab and Mitch. Third place goes to Sigi Wilhelm and Thies.

Small (Full results)
gold Claudia Schwab with Mitch
silver Patrick Martin with Grisu
bronze Sigi Wilhelm with Thies

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