Norwegian Open 2018: Five sixths have already been completed

After the first two qualifying runs yesterday, three more runs followed today. This means that five out of six qualifying rounds have already been completed and several teams have already secured the ticket for the final. In the Large category, there is a total of 30 teams, in the Medium and Small categories, respectively, there are the first 20 teams running the final on Sunday.

High flyer, not only in the large tournament is the Latvian Svetlana Kreslina. She and Salsa are in first place after five qualifying runs, ahead of Tereza Kralova and Say. Also the new world champion lies with Eira and Brick on final course. However, there are also some names below the line, which had actually been scheduled for the final. Partly because of disqualifications or because they are not started. For example, the white dog of the World Championship Annika af Klercker with Storma or Anne Lenz with Chi. Tomorrow is the last chance for points in a jumping run.

The leadership in the medium tournament by Silas Boogk is clear. With 155 points the German has been already in the final. And as it looks right now, he will again meet Norwegian Ina Himle with Wii. Reminder: The two had the same time at the World Cup after jumping. But both failed in the last race. The Latvian Svetlana Kreslina has prematurely qualified for the final with Border Collie Real. The already qualified medium teams promised a lot of suspense for Sunday.

Fiona Lövdinger with Jesslys is currently leading the small tournament. With a proud lead of 60 points to local hero Irene Yrstad and Twix. Third, the Estonian Keida Raamat with Me. And of course Svetlana Kreslina must not be missed even with the small dogs. Currently, she is in the final with Ru and Chip. Eli Beathe Saether and Zelda are currently qualified with only one flawless run. The accumulated points with the second place should also be enough.

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