Course Design Challenge November 2019 by Jane Elene Christensen: The Voting has started

A week ago, we wrote about the idea of Jane Elene Christensen Course Design Challenge on social media. On the basis of predetermined obstacles, which may only be changed minimally and supplemented with a maximum of 3 further obstacles, a course must be built. To give some credence to the challenge, some of the best-known international judges were directly contacted to encourage them to participate. Among others, Jan Egil Eide, Sari Mikkila, Stefanie Semkat, Tamás Tráj, Sascha Grunder or Jocke Tangfelt.

During one week, the Challenge participants had time to set up a course and upload it until November 11th. We have summarized all 32 ideas below. We also have linked you to the anonymous voting on Facebook, where you can vote for your favorites and determine the winner of the Course Design Challenge of November. The editorial team of has also sent a candidate into the race. After the first few days we have to admit, that we should rather stay with writing instead of building courses.

Voting Course Design Challenge by Jane Elene Christensen

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