X-Bionic Agility Open: Julia Füzi, Csilla Fodor and Pavol Vakonic win first edition

The first edition of the X-Bionic Agility Open in Slovakia brought this weekend the first three winners. The tournament was not only from an organizational point of view successful for organizer Pavol Vakonic. He was able to win the Small Tournament with Sheltie Meryl. In the Large tournament, he was also represented in the final with Fiona, but got there a penalty point. Instead, Julia Füzi and Tigi won the tournament in a gripping final. The Medium tournament was decided by Csilla Fodor and Fény from Hungary. Directly after the tournament, the organizers have announced another edition for 2020. A more than successful premiere for the tournament, which was able to convince practically on all levels.

Pavol Vakonic was only one of a total of three Slovaks who reached the final. The expectation of the local heroes was high. However, he and Fiona left the decision with a mistake. At this time he already had the victory in the Small tournament in his backpack. Instead, there’s a head-to-head race with Julia Fuzi and Natalya Shternberg from Russia. In the end Julia Füzi and Tigi decided the tournament by a margin of 0.57. Just behind them is Lisa Frick, who started as last competitor into the final, finished fourth. 0.29 seconds missed her in second place. Even more close was the fight for third and fourth place. In a small family duel Lisa Frick secured third place with a minimal lead of 0.18 seconds ahead of her friend Sonja Hampel and Tex.

Large (Full results)
gold  Julia Füzi with Tigi
silver  Natalya Shternberg with Zhaki
bronze  Lisa Frick with Jack

Before that, Csilla Fodor and Fény already managed a victory for Hungary in the medium tournament. Evelin Szakál and Sasha then equalized for the Hungarian double victory. The decision was with 0.99 clear for Csilla Fodor. Third is Bianca Devil and Layla from Austria with a time of 44.55. 2.46 seconds behind the winner. The fastest time went to the German Hansi Weberling with Momo, but with one mistake. Also Kateřina Malačková as one of the big favorites got a disqualification in the final.

Medium (Full results)
gold  Csilla Fodor with Fény
silver  Evelin Szakál with Sasha
bronze  Bianca Teufel with Layla

In the Small Final, there was no way around Pavol Vakonic and Meryl. Just a week ago, the team quarreled in the International Sheltie Competition in Switzerland. Today, the team did not make any faults and decided the home tournament in its first edition by a margin of 2.33 seconds for themselves. The two laid the foundation for victory already last Friday, where they qualified without any problems for the final. Second is Hana Ampapová with Sunny. Third Ausra Volosenkiniene, which was next to Soya also with Poodle Feti in the final on the fifth place.

Small (Full results)
gold  Pavol Vakonic with Merly
silver Hana Ampapová with Sunny
bronze  Ausra Volosenkiniene with Soya

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