X-Bionic Agility Open: All participants for todays finals

We have listed all the finalists of today’s final of the X-Bionic Agility Open. The first decision in the Small competition should start at about 12:00 clock, before it continues on schedule at 13:00 clock with the Medium finale. The Large tournament will start at 14:00. Of course, the finale is also available in the livestream.

Sabine Berndorfer with Azzy
Daniela Lubei with Ebby
Ausra Volosenkiniene with Soya
Sabina Marxer with Magic
Michaela Cabadajova with Boo
Pavol Vakonic with Meryl
Darius Kanapeckas with Cika
Angelika Boigner with Louie
Hana Ampapova with Sunny
Sandra Langer with Iowa
Sabina Marxer with Princi
Sibila Vadlja with Ben
Ausra Volosenkiniene with Feti
Daniela Lubei with Ebby

Aneta Obrusnikova with Ollie
Csilla Fodor with Fény
Julija Kostecka with Toby
Katerina Malackova with Izzy
Radka Mokrisova with Mia
Sabina Marxer with Asti
Evelin Szakal with Sasha
Vivien Toth with Mixi
 Claudia Ringer with Cosmo
Lucia Piatnicova with Zoe
Marta Gregorova with Agi
Aleksandra Cuprova with Lora
Csenge Ficzere with Rozi
Bianca Teufl with Layla
Arpad Pirity with Leon
Hansi Weberling with Momo

Agnes Toth with Sun
Alice Laforge with Tesla
Petra Kulisity with Dara
Anita Szilagyi with Tengo
Sissy Graf with Asics
Dorottya Hives with Rhiannon
Fabrizio Tebaldi with Pichu
Marketa Adam with Chase
Lara Heinzel with Pino
Dani Lehrer with Tippi
Lisa Frick with Jack
Natalia Shternberg with Prime
Peter Panner with Thor
Sandra Mayrhofer with Vinny
Sonja Hampl with Tex
Radovan Liska with Rody
Natalya Shternberg with Zhaki
Karl Heinz Ganzi with Hype
Radana Ruzickova with Ready
David Javor with Lu
Karl Heinz Ganzi with Crazy
Pavol Vakonic with Fiona
Alexandre Delrez with Bill
Denis Giovannelli with Easy-Peasy
Cinzia Zordan with Bo
Sandra Langer with Denver
Anita Szilagyi with Dita
Adam Marketa with Chase
Jekaterina Akimova with Shori
Dmitry Zagitov with Daemon
Hella Illenyiova with Blaze
Tatiana Beltiukova with Leia
Helene Mandl Mösinger with Gin
Gabor Csermely with Corti
Brigitte Hampl with Yes
Julia Füzi with Tigi
Barbora Novotna with Bibi
Teresa Berndt with Keep

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