Ville Liukka dominates the first National Indoor Championships in Finland

Kati Immonen with Ice, Ville Liukka with Ronja and Marianne Jokinen with ILE are the new and at the same time first Finnish Indoor Champions ever. Especially Ville Liukka will probably remember the day. He wins the medium championship and secures with Oodi also the second place. Päivi Männistö and Kisu finish the tournament in third place. They are with just 0.07 seconds really close behind the second place. More clear was the decision in the Small Competition. Marianne Jokinen wins overall with ILE by more than 2 seconds in front of Anki Molander with Wii. Third is Janika Majasaari with Däfi. Kati Immonen and Ice are the new Large Indoor Champions. The silver medal goes to Juha Orenius and Rhea, bronze to Kim Kurkinen and Zorro. Jaana Airola with Pai and Petri Viinikainen with Morriz won the two new intermediate categories. The indoor championships took place at the same time as the last and decisive qualification for the European Open.

Large (Full results)
gold  Kati Immonen with Ice
gold Juha Orenius with Rhea

gold  Kim Kurkinen with Zorro

Mini Large (Full results)
gold  Petri Viinikainen with Morriz
gold Santtu Stenberg with Rai Rai

gold  Timo Liuhto with Grappa

Medium (Full results)
gold  Ville Liukka with Ronja
gold Ville Liukka with Oodi

gold  Päivi Männisto with Kisu

Small (Full results)
gold  Marianne Jokinen with ILE
gold Anki Molander with Wii

gold  Janika Majasaari with Däfi

Mini Small (Full results)
gold  Jaana Airola with Pai
gold Vesa Kunttu with Kiero

gold  Maiju Valtonen with Frey


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