US-Team for European Open 2019

Last weekend, the elimination tournament for the 2019 European Open in the Netherlands was held in the United States of America. Tim Verre and Vittorio Papavero from Italy were on duty as judges. All members of the national team for the Netherland, which counts way fewer peoples than most other countries, can be found below.

Maria Badamo with Kenobi
Sally Connell with Cash
Perry DeWitt with Verb
Jeff Botelho with Matrix
Jordan Biggs with Kirbee
Laura Pryse with Daredevil

Alan Benner with Genny
Chip Gerfen with Trudi
John Nys with Boss
Estelle Robinson with Brodie

Angie Benacquisto with Sundae
Laura Dolan with Pre
Marco Giavoni with Bet
Cassie Schmidt with Bliss

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