Ukraine jumps on the train with five size classes in Agility

Ukraine is the next country which introduce two new size classes in Agility. Thus, the Eastern European country has five new, instead of the previous three size classes. Ukraine is just one of many countries that have recently taken this step. This although the FCI will consider an official rule not before 2023.

In the case of Ukraine, the new rule will start next year. From January 1st, all dogs smaller than 28cm will have a new class called Extra Small (XS), as well as all small large dogs between 43cm and 50cm. This class will be called Mini Large. The so-called official classes of the FCI remain unchanged.

  • Extra Small (XS) – for dogs smaller than 28cm
  • Small (S) – for dogs smaller than 35cm
  • Medium (M) – for dogs larger than 35cm but smaller than 43ccm
  • Mini Large (ML) – for dogs larger than 43cm but smaller than 50cm
  • Large (L) – for dogs larger than 50cm
The jump heights are: Large 55 – 60cm, Mini Large: 45 – 50cm, Medium 35 – 40cm, Small 25 – 30cm, Extra Small: 15 – 20cm.

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