Tired Silvia Trkman explains her withdrawal from this years AWC

It was the surprising news following the European Open in the Netherlands. Silvia Trkman explained the withdrawal from this year’s national team of Slovenia for the World Championship in Finland. With just 2-year-old Border Collie bitch Ta she even won the qualification and with Le, she also qualified for the medium team. A big setback for Slovenia, who had to occupy two places in the team. As already reported, one of them will be taken over by Manca Mikec, while Tina Kovac will take over the medium spot. The last-minute withdrawal from the national team took place on the last possible day of registering and changes, but was already a topic for some time, according to Silvia Trkman’s own blog.

Right after completing the final qualifications, she was already playing with this thought: “So I guess I spent most of the time just worrying if everybody is o.k. and questioning myself if I really still want to trial, exposing my precious dogs to not always the safest surface or obstacles… Not to mention traveling as far as the Netherlands/Finland and being there for so many days… – not easy for an introvert! So I guess we’ll take some time off now and try to gather enough power to actually go!” Previous events were some unsightly slips in the tunnel of Le and Ta on the final qualifying weekend. Well, immediately after the European Open, she was caught by these thoughts again. In addition to the withdrawal from the World Championship, she announced to take a break from active competitive sports in general for some time.

Statement Silvia Trkman

All that said, I still came to a realization I REALLY don’t enjoy trials anymore. I do enjoy running my dogs, but the rest of the time, I just want to go home or walk in the woods… – So I was actually happy I don’t need to run finals… Not the right attitude I guess… Watching all those handlers with the wish to win, I realized I actually run with a wish not to win, just so I can go home sooner…

I guess I tend to overdo things… – I did so many seminars that I ended up completely burnt out. And now I feel the same about trials… So I decided to sit back, cancel AWC plans and work on my introvert troubles that got a bit out of control… Of course, we’ll continue with training, conditioning and canicross and everything else we really enjoy, but trials are on hold for now.

Source: http://www.lolabuland.com/2019/08/01/eo-awc-and-stuff/

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