Throwback Agility World Championship 2016 – Part 3

It was hot and cold. That is, for example the easiest way to describe the Agility World Championship in Zaragoza, Spain in a few words. In addition, of course, agility of the top class was operated too. Also, the Agility World Cup 2016 is considered as the breakthrough for the Spanish equipment manufacturer Galican. Since the 2016, the obstacles are used at all World Championships and other big events. With four gold medals and a bronze medal, it is the most successful World Championship ever for Germany. One which they will never forget.

Most people connect or remember the individual Agility Course from the Spanish judge José Luis García Álvarez. Even though most of the teams lost their teeth on the course, Anne Lenz mastered it in an impressive way. With this run, the sympathetic German catapults into many hearts. However, there are still voices today, which reduce the result due to the difficult course. Behind Anne on the second place was the Argentinean Romina Cervasio with Wish. She got her first personal medal. It was even in Argentina the very first medal ever in the history of Agility. The third place goes to the French Adrien Grespier with Gumbal.

Large Individual:
gold  Anne Lenz with Chi
silver  Romina Cervasio with Wish
bronze Adrien Grespier with Gumball

They made it again. We are talking about Martina Magnoli Klimesova and Kiki. The two wins the Medium Gold Medal and become one of the most successful teams of all time. Thomas Raczka with Curly from France was on the second place. For France a small upward trend, after last year only just a single medal could exploit.

Medium Individual:
gold  Martina Magnoli Kliesova with Kiki
silver  Thomas Raczka with Curly
bronze Sanni Kariniemi with Goa

The Small Competition was once again dominated by Tobias Wüst and Peanut. But for once again he had some strong opponents. For example the young Estonian Marta Miil won the Individual Jumping run. Unfortunately, she wasn’t successful in the Agility run. And even the young Norwegian Eli Beathe Saether did two really fast runs. She beat Tobias Wüst by time, but unfortunately Sheltie Zelda dropped a bar some meters before the last jump. Second placed Martin Eberle was fast, but not fast enough to attack Tobias Wüst and Peanut.

Small Individual:
gold  Tobias Wüst with Peanut
silver Martin Eberle with Eyleen
bronze Roland Kolenko with Ammy

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