Three new, old winners at this years Estonia championship

Estonia has also overcome the national championships in high summer temperatures. None of the three reigning national champions was able to defend the title again this year. Only Marta Miil, the winner of last year’s Small Competition, is again on the podium with 2nd place. The new small winner is Keida Raamat with My. Even the experienced Estonian was first in the Jumping still 0.17 behind Marta Miil and Jay. But in the Agility run, the game turns in favor of Keida Raamat with a lead of 0.69 seconds. This sovereign agility run is enough for the overall victory with over half a second lead. Third is Triine Piirsalu with Roxy, who fought back after a mistake in the first round.

The new, respectively old national champion in Medium is Kaisa Tsäro with Lizzi. Kristina Lukašejeva with Džoker is behind her with a clear margin, while third place also goes to Kaisa Tsäro. But with Zira she missed an even better placement due to a mistake shortly before the end of the Agility run. With the victory of Kaisa Tsäro also Tuuli Vaino failed in the mission title defense.  Likewise, an old known on the podium of the national championship in Estonia is Marje Piiroja. In the last year, she did not quite reach the title with second place. But now, a year later she gets the double victory with her two Malinois Dints and Süsi. The latter was just behind dints. As in the previous year, Saara Vällik and last year’s champion Marge Mitt had again a thrilling exchange in the Large Class. However, Marje Piiroja had a better finish. Third is Natalja Garastsenko with Border Collie Uma.

gold  Marje Piiroja with Dints
silver  Marje Piiroja with Süsi
bronze  Natalja Garastsenko with Uma

gold  Kaisa Tsäro with Lizzi
silver  Kristina Lukašejeva with Džoker
bronze  Kaisa Tsäro with Zira

gold  Keida Raamat with My
silver Marta Miil with Jay
bronze Triine Piirsalu with Roxy

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