The latest informations about the acute dog disease in Norway

The uncertainty among dog owners is great. Not only in the affected country Norway itself, but also neighboring countries and other European nations are following the situation closely. Finland and Sweden have banished Norwegian dogs temporary from all events, while the Icelandic Food Authority has imposed a general ban on Norwegian dogs. This is not surprising, because Iceland generally has strict rules on the importation of living animals. Nevertheless, it is the first country who introduced a ban due of the new unknown dog disease. A case with similar symptoms was reported yesterday in Sweden, which was previously on a dog show in Norway. But so far there is no confirmation that this is the same disease. The affected dog in Sweden is doing it already better according to the circumstances.

In the last few hours, the Veterinary Institute of Norway has reported on the latest information and shared the current state of knowledge about the disease. We have also listed the most important information again below for you:

  • An autopsy has already been done on three affected dogs. As suspected, this shows clear signs of a serious bowel disease with bloody innards. The most common causes that lead to such a picture of the intestine, such as a Salmonella infection have now been excluded. Also, rat poison and similar poisonings can already be excluded as a cause of death. Natural poisoning of substances that occur in nature can not be excluded yet.
  • The exact number of deaths and diseased animals can not be accurately quantified. According to the Norwegian Kennel Club, 21 deaths that have the same clinical picture are currently being reported. Also, various cases were reported by dogs, which showed the same symptoms as bloody bowel movements or bloody vomiting, but could be stabilized after a veterinary treatment. If these animals have  the same disease, then it can be assumed that this does not necessarily lead to death.
  • The first known cases were reported from Oslo itself. Later there were reports from different parts of the country. But these have not yet been confirmed. The investigations are currently in full swing. The Norwegian Veterinary Institute currently has four dogs for autopsy. Depending on the outcome and in consultation with the Norwegian authorities, it will be examined whether more animals will be needed for autopsy next week. Immediately after the occurrence of the first cases and the accumulation of suspicion of the “new unknown dog disease” has responded and submitted an electronic questionnaire to those affected owners. The evaluation of this is not yet completed. The answers from these, should help to locate the origin and the reason of that disease more exactly. However, the first tests of this show no recognizable pattern at first glance.
  • As of Saturday morning, there were six new possible announcements last night. Two of them died. The owners have agreed to provide these dogs for an autopsy.
  • It is also recommended avoiding contact with other dogs as much as possible. Especially in the greater Oslo area. If there are signs of bloody bowel movements or vomiting, peoples are advised to go immediately to a vet. Previous cases have shown that the health of the dogs affected deteriorates rapidly. The Kennel Club also pointed out once again, that the vaccinations recommended by the veterinarian should be done regularly. At the moment people should not visit exhibitions, competitions or similar events, unless they have been canceled anyway according to the official instructions of the Norwegian Kennel Club.
  • Iceland was the first nation to introduce a general ban on dogs imported from Norway. Although neighboring countries Sweden and Finland continue to allow the entrance with dogs from Norway, they also advise them to refrain if possible. In both countries, there is still a ban on dogs from Norway from all competitions and events for this weekend. The situation in all countries is being assessed on an ongoing basis. Especially with regard to events next weekend and especially for the Agility World Championship in Finland in two weeks.
  • Confirmed cases from Sweden are not available. On social networks, there are currently various reports about similar things in Sweden. So far there is no confirmed case.


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