The decision has finally been made: Norway will definitely not send a team to the World Championship

The members and fans of the Norwegian national team have hoped as long as possible. Today, a few days earlier than thought, all dreams have finally burst. At another extraordinary meeting of the board of the Norwegian Kennel Club this afternoon, it was decided that no national team will be sent to Finland. It remains with the decision which was taken on September 9th. The reason is still the unknown and in some cases fatal disease, which has led to an increase in cases of bloody diarrhea in Greater Oslo. If the Norwegian Kennel Club will keep on the tournament restriction  will be decided on September 23 again, just one day after the World Championship. The decision who was made today came as a surprise, because at the last meeting it was decided to re-evaluate the situation next Monday. Thus, Norway, which in recent years, among others, with Ina Himle and Eli Beate Sæther delivered great results at World Championships, will be missing. In addition to the sporting side, the Norwegians also ensure an impressive atmosphere in the arena every year.

Also, the Norwegian Kennel Club has collected the latest information. After various investigations, further causes of the disease can now be ruled out. Specifically, parvoviruses and the parasites Giardia and Cryptosporidium. At present one counts approximately with 102 possible cases of the illness. An exact number is difficult, because there is still no concrete cause. Probably, this number should be much smaller, because these are based only on the number of questionnaires received, which were distributed in suspicious cases. According to the questionnaire, the increase in the number of dogs with bloody diarrhea can be dated back to August 20, when the first dogs were treated with these symptoms. In the night from Thursday to Friday, a new case was known from the village Vestfold. So far twelve dogs have been autopsied. At nine, the bacterium providencia alcalifaciens was found. It is currently being investigated whether this bacterium can cause such cases. The laboratory tests are still going on over the weekend.

For more information about the disease, we recommend using the official channels of the Norwegian Kennel Club (with regular updates) or the Norwegian Veterinary Service.


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