The Czech Republic is following other countries and introduces five size categories

After Sweden and Finland is the Czech Republic the third country who introduce five size categories. The new two additional categories are for extra small and smaller large dogs. In the category, XS are all dogs allowed to compete who are smaller than 28 cm. The normal Small category remains as before with a maximal height of 35 cm. There are even no changes in the medium category which reaches from dogs who are bigger than 35 cm but smaller than 43 cm. The other new category is the Medium +, for dogs between 43 cm and maximum 50 cm. Teams between 43 cm and 49.99 cm are free to choose if they want to compete in the Medium + or the common Large category. The jumps heights for the different categories are listed below. The new national regulations will be introduced at the beginning of July. In the neighboring country, Poland are the two additional categories even a part of discussions at the moment. The chances that Poland will follow during the next years is pretty high. Hungary has with the Medium + even a different height system than the official FCI rules pretend. On Facebook, where the change was announced yesterday, is only positive feedback. Many of them are from Sweden, who had the pioneering role in this development.

XS – for dogs smaller than 28 cm
S – for dogs smaller than 35 cm
M – for dogs larger than 35 cm but smaller than 43 cm
ML – for dogs larger than 43 cm but smaller than 50 cm
L – for dogs larger than 43 cm

Jump heights
XS: 15 – 20 cm
S: 25 – 30 cm
M: 35 – 40 cm
ML: 45 – 50 cm
L: 55 – 60 cm


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