Tereza Kralova defends Border Collie Classics title one week after European Open victory

Tereza Kralova and Say continue to swim on the wave of success a week after the European Open and clearly win the Border Collie Classics 2019 in Germany. The distance to the second-placed Iwona Golab with Seeya was with 0.89 slightly less than a second. Almost the same distance with 0.92 seconds, the two already had a week earlier in the Netherlands at the European Open. Third place is shared by Alice Laforge with Tesla from Switzerland and Beata Luchowska with Malibu from Poland. Both lose 1.03 seconds to the time of Tereza Kralova and Say. The Czech repeats her title win from the previous year in Slovakia and can call her as a consecutive winner of the Border Collie Classics. How much experience the two had with first places was shown at the ceremony afterward, when Say sat purposefully on the top podium and waited there until Tereza Kralova was finished with all the congratulations.

Individual (full results)
gold Tereza Kralova with Say
silver Iwona Golab with Seeya
bronze  Alice Laforge with Tesla
bronze Beata Luchowska with Malibu

In the team competition, host Germany takes first place ahead of Italy and Russia. The fact that the team competition has a rather small significance, as in previous years, shows that many do not even want to run it.

Team (full results)
gold Germany (M. Hanssen, N. Hartlieb, T. Berndt, S. Bagnaresi, S. D. Martin, S. Suer)
silver Italy (S. Santini, M. Lorini, M. Lorini, R. Puliti, F. Paccagnella)
bronze  Russia (S. Kurochkin, M. Tomilova, T. Beltiukova, S. Tumanova, S. Kashirina)

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