Runs of the Week #36

16. September 2018 s v 0

Week 36 is almost entirely in the hands of Germany. With runs by Philipp Müller Schnick, Mona Grefenstein but also Anna Hinze at the IMCA. She was there on the second place in the singles […]

Runs of the Week #35

5. September 2018 s v 0

In week 35 we look back to the winning team of the Austrian National Championship Sissy Graf and Yeremy. Even on some runs from German Competition and a little training sequence from European Open Winner […]

Runs of the Week #34

2. September 2018 s v 0

With a little delay we reach you two videos of the week 34. In the first video, Tereza Kralova looks back at the Border Collie classics 2018. In the second video we found an interesting training video […]

Runs of the Week #33

23. August 2018 s v 0

Third edition runs of the week. This time we look back at all the videos which have found the way to the Internet in the week 33. 

Runs of the Week #31

8. August 2018 s v 0

We present you the first issue of the weekly series Runs of the Week. In this series we show you every Wednesday the best runs of the past week. Let’s start with some highlights of […]