Swiss national team presents itself Multinational

In recent weeks, the new qualification system of Switzerland celebrated its premiere. A part of this system is the final on the last weekend, where it was about the individual starting places in the national team. Already after the first two qualifications weekend qualified were Silvan Zumthurm with Penny and Corinne Schaub with passion for the Large team, Silvan Zumthurm with Idy, Hinky Nickels with MiG in Medium and Claudia Schwab with Mitch and Rachele Fuzzatti with Heck in Small. All qualified teams for the final in Münsingen in the Swiss Dog Arena started again with the amount of 0 points. A point which is in Germany, with a similar system than Switzerland has now is heavily criticized. The Alpine country also has the rule, that there is a maximum of 2 dogs per runner. A rule which was used already some times before in Switzerland. This year, she hits Silvan Zumthurm, who has run an extremely sovereign prequalification and also a successful final. With Fleece, he wins the Large final while he reached with Penny and Idy the team qualification. His decision is in favor of the two large dogs.

Second is Alice Laforge with Tesla. Originally from France, she actually qualified for France last year for the World Championship. There she couldn’t attend because of a formal error. With the participation for Switzerland, there is a kind of satisfaction from last year. The national team will be completed by Martin Brunner with Fiona, Christian Fryand with Braveheart and Martin Eberle with Jasper. All of them we’re already once part of the team in the recent years. Stephanie Hundt wins the medium tournament with Sheltie Navy in front of Mirjam Ehrat and Flynn. For the latter, it is the first ever World Championship participation. Not surprisingly, the small tournament was won by the winner of the European Open 2017 Claudia Schwab with Mitch. Second is the former Austrian Sandra Kaiser with Zazou, who also started for Switzerland for the first time this year.

 Silvan Zumthurm with Fleece (individual and team)
Alice Laforge with Tesla (individual and team)
 Corinne Schaub with Passion (individual and team)
Martin Brunner with Fiona (individual)
Christian Fryand with Braveheart (individual)
Martin Eberle with Jasper (individual)
 Silvan Zumthurm with Penny (team)

Stephanie Hundt with Navy (individual and team)
Mirjam Ehrat with Flynn (individual and team)
 Hinky Nickels with MiG (team)
Michel Frey with Queen (team)
Herbert Löffel with Roy (reserve)

 Claudia Schwab with Mitch (individual and team)
Sandra Kaiser with Zazou (individual and team)
Patrick Martin with Grisu (team)
Rachele Fuzzatti with Heck (team)

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