Swiss National Championship 2018: The finalists

The qualifying day of the Swiss National Championship is history and the finalists in all categories have been determined. We have listed all finalists below. The final will start tomorrow at around 10:40 with the jumping course from Mark Fonteijn. After that first run, it continue with the decision on the agility course of Veres Zsuzsa.

Swiss National Championship 2018

Finalists Large
 Julia Berner with Blacky
 Lukas Risi with Joker
 Carin Wismer with Five
 Gaby Hess with Faye
 Michael Schwager with Lisha
 Jeannine Gloor with U2
 Lydia Golay with Leetchi
 Martin Weber with Glen
 Yamina Caluori with Katjes
 Sarina Staub with Blaze
 Natalie Bannwart with Jace
 Mario Bonetti with Fizzy
 Stefan Müller with Pip
 Bea Watermann with Randy
 Martin Brunner with Fiona
 Ludivine Jotterand with Kinak
 Irène Mauroux with Adrenaline
 Pascal Mauroux with Celtic
 Simon Tabourat with Xcell
 Stephanie Hediger with Heaven
 Tanja Fähndrich with Phoenix
 Sandra Blum with May-Lee
 Salvataore De Rosa with Happy
 Edith Meier with Have
 Anita Bischof with Kuba
 Philipp Glur with Ruby
 Simone Messmer with Nayeli
 Daniela Weber Conrad with Lucky
 Sandra Loosli with Lane
 Letizia Grunder with Zao
 Marcel Meienberger with Road
 Sascha Grunder with Orio
 Andy Wigger with Phoebe
 Lilian Arras with Arrow
 Simon Brenca with Take
 Hans Hänny with Tarik
 Pascal Risi with Cainy
 Sabrina Schärli with Nanook
 Monika Cadalbert with Jawa
 Alpèr Zürrer with NaCha
 Sandra Burri with Dilan
 Stefan Gerber with Duncan
 Ruedi Zaugg with Baylee
 Marta Ducret with Lord Indiana
 Janina Hänni with Yara
 Sarah Rollinet with Jiga
 Noémie Schindler with Twice
 Vanessa Gandoy with Dzeko
 Lilian Arras with Gambler
 Andreas Krähenbühl with Skin
 Marcel Bolliger with Dixie
 Silvan Zumthurm with Penny
 Michi Aebi with Hicks
 Jeannine Gerber-Podolak with Tale
 Marion Zimmermann with Bree
 Nicole Steiner with Twin
 Ciro Fumarola with Kay
 Maurice Perrinjaquet with Tex
 Letizia Grunder with Pirate
 André Mühlebach with Ynn
 Priska Zimmermann with Shila
 Sandra Fuster with Donna
 Valentin Bannwart with Snick
 Ashleigh Serrem with Ziva
 Noémie Schindler with Mannix
 Alain Koller with Nice
 Corinne Schaub with Passion
 Morena Barelli with Fuego
 Enzo Corvaglia with Sir Lio
 Martin Brunner with Avery
 Roswitha Mettler with Daskia

Finalists Medium
 Yvonne Burri with Fyn
 Gudrun Hasler with Camino
 Manuela Eichenberger with Win
 Manuela Pfister with Giny
 Silvan Zumthurm with Sloane
 Judith Sainsbury with Fanny
 Claudia Schwab with Mylo
 Michel Frey with Queen
 Jasmin Bannwart with Yesper
 Karin Herzer with Shanty
 Sascha Vadagnin with Kesch
 Christine Chalancon with Hip’op
 Brigitt Braun with ONE
 Jeannine Leu with Melody
 Melanie Tamburino with Muscat
 Andreas Schenker with AJ
 Stephanie Hundt with Navy
 Daniel Buchmeier with Piraya
 Christine Piontek Meister with Solaia
 Philip Resch with Tipi
 Michael Schwager with Kayo
 Mischa Meyer with Leif
 Silvan Zumthurm with Idy
 Cynthia Golay with Deejay
 Simone Abplanalp with Deju

Finalists Small
 Sigi Wilhelm with Thies
 Rachele Fuzzati with Heck
 Michael Schwager with Eyleen
 Nicole Heimlicher with AJ
 Océane Mauroux with Diamond
 Sabrina Stiefel with Kinja
 Michael Schwager with Knox
 Jeannine Gloor with T-late
 Désirée Koch with Ciccio
 Barbara Kaiser with Capri
 Irene Bannwart with Bailey
 Stefanie Wullschleger with Amigo
 Patricia Horat with Juany
 Michelle Burri with Blaze
 Monika Schonert with Sunshine
 Astrid Rellstab with Muki
 Felix Horat with Malua
 Barbara Feer with Fifty
 Corina Rüegge with Kewee
 Monika Hugentobler with Aquila
 Annick Bottlang with Lee
 Adrian Widmer with Dali
 Claudia Schwab with Mitch
 Maggy Erne with Shirin
 Dominik Oehler with Anoki
 Fabienne Charmillot with Emma
 Nadine Hunsperger with Nikee
 Ralf Bänsch with Lyn

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