Swiss National Championship 2018: New and old winners

None of the three Swiss Champions of 2017 was able to defended the title this year. Although all three made it to the final, but failed there. Also on the second day, showed the two judges Mark Fonteijn and Veres Zsuzsa exciting final courses. Sandra Loosli and Lane are the new Swiss Champions Large. Silvan Zumthurm wins a title this year again, but not the one in the Large category. He and loaned Border Collie Sloane are the new champions in the Medium category. In the Small competition, is Jeannine Gloor the new Swiss champion with T-late. All results are available on the official site.

Large (Full results)
gold Sandra Loosli with Lane
silver Nicole Steiner with Twin
bronze Lilian Arras with Arrow

Medium (Full results)
gold Silvan Zumthurm with Sloane
silver Simone Abplanalp with Deju
bronze Claudia Schwab with Mylo

Small (Full results)
gold Jeannine Gloor with T-late
silver Fabienne Charmillot with Emma
bronze Irene Bannwart with Bailey

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