Swiss Agility Cup 2020 with additional semi-final mode

As announced, details of this year’s Swiss Agility Cup were released today. After many years there are slight adjustments in the qualification mode for the final, which should make participation easier for the inexperienced teams. In addition to the tried-and-tested system in which points can be collected for all classes in a daily qualification run during five days, there are now two so-called semi-finals as an additional opportunity to reach the final. Beside the announcement of the first six judges was also made a price adjustment for the participation. The tournament now costs 220 Swiss francs.

As a judge, they rely on proven faces such as Sandra Deidda from Italy, who was allowed to judge the final last year. She is supported by Alex Beitl from Germany, Manca Mikec from Slovenia, Uschi Hornung from Germany and the two Swiss Christian Fryand and also organizer Urs Inglin. Further judges are to follow and will be announced accordingly. The next point on the agenda is the registration tomorrow at 11:00 p.m.

Sandra Deidda
Alex Beitl
Manca Mikec
Uschi Hornung
Christian Fryand
Urs Inglin


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