Swiss Agility Cup 2019: Three pure Swiss podiums

Switzerland retained the upper hand at the 8th Swiss Agility Cup. All nine teams that made it to the podium at the end are from Switzerland. Corinne Schaub Fryand wins the Large Tournament with Braveheart, Michelle Burri with Sheltie Cap the medium tournament and Evelyne Hunkeler with Lenny is successful in the Small category. Evelyne Hunkeler and Lenny were already on the podium last year. But there had to be beaten by Claudia Schwab. Although she was again in the finals, and was in it of course again a big favorite. But on the seesaw, the title was gone after an early jump by Mitch. 0.66 seconds behind Evelyne Hunkeler are the two Shelties Lyn and Haddock with Ralf Bänsch and Chantal Jeannerat.

Small (full results)
gold  Evelyne Hunkeler with Lenny
silver Ralf Bänsch with Lyn
bronze Chantal Jeannerat with Haddock

An almost two-second advantage was in the medium tournament by Michelle Burri and Cap. The two started, as also directly qualified late in the final and took over the leadership of Michel Frey and Queen. That this should already be the final ranking, believed nobody at this time. Because with Erwin Unger and Tamara Sedlmaier were the two big favorites from Austria still in the starting area. However, both acted just in the final annoying mistakes. Margrit Korrodi with Sheltie Islay is third.

Medium (full results)
gold Michelle Burri with Cap
silver Michel Frey with Queen
bronze Margrit Korrodi with Islay

In the Large Final, Corinne Schaub Fryand made a sensational run with her husbands dog Braveheart and put all the other teams in the shade. However, Christian Fryand, who was allowed to judge the final, was actually qualified for the final with him. An equally young team ran with Natalie Raetzo and Wii in second place. With 0.13 seconds back in third place is the native South African Ashleigh Serrem with Ziva.

Large(full results)
gold Corinne Schaub Fryand with Braveheart
silver Natalie Raetzo with Wii
bronze Ashleigh Serrem with Ziva

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