Swedish Open 2019: Some of the highlights of the final

In this post we would like to look back to the first edition of the Swedish Open 2019 and to some highlights from the finale and a few scenes from the heats. It was a more than successful premiere last weekend, which makes us to want more and a 2020 edition of the Swedish Open with more international handlers. At least thanks to many great courses by the judges, especially by Jocke Tangfelt. At this point we would like to tell you, that we always look forward to as many videos as possible on the social media as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube or even over direct mailings.

 Jenny Damm with Lilli (1st place Extra Large)

 Annika Af Klercker with Storma (5th place Extra Large)

 Monika Rylska with Koza Nostra (9th place Extra Large)

Ole Kristoffer Saglokken with Evo (2nd place Medium)

 Annelie Hermansson with Dante (3rd place Medium)

 Enya Habel with Party (during the qualification)

 Jenny Damm with Lilli (during the qualification)

 Jenny Damm with Ziv (same run as above during the qualification)

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