Swedish Open 2019: Jenny Damm wins Large Tournament, Norwegian Medium Double Win and Swedish Small Dominance

Experienced team Jenny Damm and Border Collie Lilli show once again why they are still the strongest in Sweden and win the first edition of the Swedish Open 2019. In the non-FCI category Large, which is slightly below the normal Large Standard, wins Petra Patcha with Sookie. In the medium tournament, Norway dominates the tournament quite clearly with Ina Himle and Wii in the lead and take the first two places. In the small tournament, however, Sweden retains once more the supremacy. The lucky winner is Linn Magnusson with Ester, 2016 World Championship participant in Italy. A 7-second advantage was the result in the first decision in the Extra Small dogs with the victory of Vera Lisenstedt.

An impressed Jenny Damm said after the tournament on Facebook joyfully: «Lilli is just the most amazing little criminal. With the most amazing focus and talent». The finale started with a big delay, especially for the large teams. It was difficult after the long weekend to snatch again for the final. A circumstance with which even the experienced Jenny Damm had to fight: «Our final was really late Sunday night, so it was a bit hard to find the right focus. But Jocke’s (Jocke Tangfelt was the judge for the large final) final course and my amazing dogs gave me so much energy and eager to run, and I got the focus back pretty quick». Second, with a gap of less than a second is Cecilia Klingberg with Vic. Third-placed Emma Nilsson and Saeta miss out on gold for more than a second. The three were then the only ones without mistakes in the final. Mistake or not, the time of Jenny Damm and Lilli reached nobody on Sunday night.

Extra Large (FCI) (Full Results)
gold  Jenny Damm with Lilli
gold Cecilia Klingberg with Vic

gold  Emma Nilsson with Saeta

For Stockholm’s Cecilia Klingberg there was also a second reason to cheer on Sunday. With Eve, she finished third in the non-FCI category Large. In contrast to the normal Large category, it was pretty close here. The first three places finished the course within the same second. It was particularly tight between the two first place finishers Petra Patcha with Sookie and Hanna Persson with Zuki. 0.11 seconds was the difference between the two in the end.

Large (Full Results)
gold  Petra Patcha with Sookie
gold Hanna Persson with Zuki

gold  Cecilia Klingberg with Eve

The victory of Ina Himle and Wii is not really surprising. The two were considered as the big favorites of the tournament. With the second place of Ole Kristoffer Saglokken and Evo, there was a Norwegian double victory. But it should remain the only two podium finishes for the neighboring country Norway. For Ina Himle, the win should be a success insofar as she managed her run without any mistakes at the decisive moment. In third place is Annelie Hermansson and Dante with a time of 33.29. The winning time of Wii and Ina Himle is 31.90 seconds. So at least it wasn’t that clear decision between the first three teams.

Medium (FCI) (Full Results)
gold  Ina Himle with Wii
gold Ole Kristoffer Saglokken with Evo

gold  Annelie Hermansson with Dante

An interesting result was in the small tournament, where only one single team remained without mistakes. Notably, this was Linn Magnusson with Ester with a considerable time of 38.26. It would be presumptuous to push the win on the small number of clean runs. The absolute best time secured with 37.21 Linda Enberg and Bella. However, with a mistake that throws her back on second place. Since usually, a mistake is rarely enough for a podium place, Linda Enberg and the third-placed Jannie Abelsson with Inna were surprised accordingly.

Small (FCI) (Full Results)
gold  Linn Magnusson with Ester
gold Linda Enberg with Bella

gold  Jannie Abelsson with Inna

The Tournament of the Extra Small Dogs was a clear decision. Vera Lisenstedt wins there with Wilma with seven seconds ahead of Susanna Hagman with Kiwi. Another 2.5 seconds behind is Maud Osbeck. After the clear decision for the first and second place, there was an exciting fight for the last podium place. 0.20 seconds finally decided about the bronze medal. With a better hand for Maud Osbeck. Ann Kristin Steinslien is the unlucky fourth. All other teams did not finish their runs without any mistakes.

Extra Small (Full Results) 
gold  Vera Lisenstedt with Wilma
gold Susanna Hagman with Kiwi

gold  Maud Osbeck with Saga

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