Swedish Open 2019 announced

This week was with the Swedish Open launched a new event in Sweden. The Swedish Open will take place during three days at the end of March, from the 29th to the 31st. Class 3 is allowed to start on all three days, while class 2 only on Saturday and Sunday. The beginners class 1 is only eligible to start on Friday and Saturday. There will be a final on Sunday. The qualification criteria for the final have not yet been announced. Initiators of the tournament are the Swedish couple Jouni and Isabelle Emanuelsson Orenius. The tournament will take place in Tånga Hall in Vårgårda in the southern part of Sweden. About an hour away from Gothenburg. Also the judges have already been announced among other things. One of the officials is the Finnish World Championship judge from next year, Sari Mikkilä. She is complemented by the two Swedish judges Jocke Tangfelt and Fanny God.

Sari Mikkilä
 Jocke Tangfelt
 Fanny God

Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/184539002456046/?ti=ia

Correction: The tournament does not take place as first written in the Nutrolin Arena. The venue is the Tånga hall in Vårgårda. We changed the news immediately after a note.


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