Silesian Open 2020: Iwona Golab takes home win

Iwona Golab wins with SeeYa at the third major event of the year, in the Large category. Aneta Obrusníková and Ollie are the winners of the Medium tournament and Elena Raatz from Germany wins the Small tournament. The two additional size categories are decided by Olena Buhlova with Fora (Medium Large) and Sarah Mayer with Marcello.

After Tereza Kralova could have won the B.A.C.K. and finally also the Magna Racino, things went for once wrong for her in Poland. She makes it to the final with Say at the very last minute, despite a mistake in the crucial Jumping. Thanks to the fact that many of the teams in front of her were already qualified for the final, she could still move up. It is one of the rare mistakes of the dream duo. But in the final, the luck was finally not on her side anymore. Say jumped from the wrong side and ended the winning streak of the two. For now. This opened up opportunities for other teams. Above all for Iwona Golab, who was in the final with SeeYa and App. However, her tournament with App also ended with a disqualification due of a wrong jump shortly before the end. But with SeeYa everything went as planned and they set a time with 35.86 that nobody should undercut anymore. They pushed Sabina Stastna and Taiva out of first place. No one should get in between until the end and their time of 36.30 was enough for second place. Even it was a run for all or nothing. And Sabina Stastna gave everything. Physically as well as verbally. Their jubilation during the run clearly underlines what limitless joy means. Third place goes to the Hungarian Rebeka Rády and Mius. Sissy Graf and ASICS miss the podium by only 0.05 seconds.

Large (Full results)
gold  Iwona Golab with SeeYa
gold Sabina Stastna with Taiva
gold Rebeka Rády with Mius

Aneta Obrusníková was already in the final at the Magna Racino Open in Austria. Back then, not with Mudi Ollie, but with her two other dogs. Now in Poland, she could concentrate fully on Ollie in this finale. And this seems to have paid off. The two run towards the target at an average of 5.57 m/s and are therefore one second faster than the Austrian Helmut Paulik and Kiwi. Another finalist at the Magna Racino Open. Third place went to Magdalena Domańska from Poland with Mora. Fourth, but probably still happy was co-organizer of the Silesian Open 2020 Roman Maruszczak. He can look back to a successful tournament in 2020. Also Kateřina Malačková and Radka Mokrišová from the Czech Republic, did not reach the finish line.

Medium (Full results)
gold Aneta Obrusníková with Ollie
gold Helmut Paulik with Kiwi
gold Magdalena Domańska with Mora

The small podium was almost entirely dedicated to the Parson Russel Terrier Daya and Rally. Only the young Austrian Lea Hödl with Sheltie Rose provided some variety with third place. Daya, led by Elena Raatz, also wins the tournament by a good second. Elena Raatz, a former member of the Russian national team and now living in Germany, successfully completes Reetta Pirttikoski’s course. Czech rider Denisa Lajmarová finished second. Even if it wasn’t enough to win in the individual tournament, she was able to win the team event on Friday in an Austrian-Czech mixed team.

Small (Full results)
gold Elena Raatz with Daya
gold  Denisa Lajmarová with Rally
gold  Lea Hödl with Rose

Medium Large (Full results)
gold Olena Buhlova with Fora
gold Brigitte Hampl with Yes
gold Franky Vanroy with Ilya

Extra Small (Full results)
gold  Sarah Mayer with Marcello

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