Riga Mayor Cup 2019: Svetlana Kreslina gets the triple

Svetlana Kreslina showed an extraordinary performance at the home tournament, the Riga Mayor Cup in the Latvian capital. She wins the Small tournament with Sheltie Chi, the Medium tournament with Border Collie Real and with about a 4 seconds gap the Large tournament. In this it looked first after the expected duel between the Estonian Marge Mitt with Fay and the later winner Svetlana Kreslina with salsa. However, in the end 15 error points accumulated on the account of the Estonian, who thus missed the podium. Clubmate Saara Vällik with Edha took her place on the podium instead. In terms of time, last year’s finalist of the HulaHopp in Sweden was even just a second behind Svetlana Kreslina, but also conceded a mistake. These five penalty points throw the young Estonian back to the third overall place instead of the second one. Second-placed Natalia Garastsenko with Uma has already a slightly bigger time gap. She was one of only two teams who completed the final course of World Championship judge Sari Mikkilä without any mistakes.

Large (Full results)
gold  Svetlana Kreslina with Salsa
gold Natalia Garastsenko with Uma

gold  Saara Vällik with Edha

In the medium tournament, there was another Latvian-Estonian duel. Again with the better end for Latvia. Kaisa Tsäro and Zira remained very thin, with 0.33 seconds behind Svetlana Kreslina and Real. Kaisa Tsäro saw room for improvement in her final run but was more than satisfied with the performance over the whole weekend. For Svetlana Kreslina and Real it is another success after the team needed some time to find each other at the beginning of their career. The third-placed and also co-favorite for the tournament victory, Natali Happonen with Terrier Essie lost just a second on the best time of Svetlana Kreslina. Fourth is again Kaisa Tsäro with Lizzi – who run the first competition after the maternity leave. Unlike the Large Final, all the teams completed the course in the right order without failures.

Medium (Full results)
gold  Svetlana Kreslina with Real
gold  Kaisa Tsäro with Zira

gold  Natali Happonen with Essie

There was a Latvian double victory in the Small Competition. In addition to Svetlana Kreslina, Elita Umbraško and Mudi Reina are in second place. With 0.35 seconds behind, it was again an extremely close result in an exciting final. Vilija Snorkienė remains as the only Lithuanian who was able to reach the podium this weekend. With Fai, she is just behind the top two. Svetlana Kreslina also reached the final with her other Sheltie Ru, but missed the possible double victory after a premature retirement.

Small (Full results)
gold  Svetlana Kreslina with Chi
gold  Elita Umbraško with Reina

gold  Vilija Snorkienė with Fai

The Riga Mayor Cup is one of the first outdoor tournaments in the Baltic States and, due to its central location in Riga, an important yardstick in the year in all three Baltic states. The number of participants is correspondingly high. For smaller discussions on the sidelines of the event, provided the only attached with a few weights tunnels. Otherwise, the event offered Agility of a high level.

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