Record World Champion Lisa Frick qualifies as a team runner for World Championship in Finland

Also Austria has last weekend the last qualification for the world championship in Finland. And the 12-headed team which represents the Alpine country at the World Championship is now known. Record World Champion Lisa Frick could also qualify for the team, but only as a team runner. Sandra Langer, Sissy Graf and Lara Heinzel will be the individual runners in the Large category. In the medium tournament, Laura Reinhalter, Tamara Sedlmaier and Helmut Paulik will start as individual runners, while Angelika Brandl will support the three as the fourth team runner. Amadeus Cup winner Thomas Berger qualifies behind Lea Hödl also for the World Championship in Small. Sabrina Marxer with Princess completes the individual trio. Fourth team runner will be Alfons Wachter.

 Sandra Langer with Denver (individual and team)
Sissy Graf with Cue (individual and team)
Lara Heinzel with Pino (individual and team)
Lisa Frick with Jack (team)

Laura Reinhalter with Zookie (individual and team)
Tamara Sedlmaier with You (individual and team)
Helmut Paulik with Kiwi (individual and team)
Angelika Brandl with Malou (team)

Lea Hödl with Rose (individual and team)
Thomas Berger with Noobsi (individual and team)
Sabrina Marxer with Princess (individual and team)
Alfons Wachter with Dandy (team)


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