Norwegian Open 2019 is canceled

After careful consideration of the current situation in Norway, the organizers decided to cancel the event in 2019. The reason for this is the still not completely identified serious bowel disease, which has occurred in dogs in the greater Oslo area. The Norwegian Open in Kongsvinger should have been carried out in this region too. Considering the guidelines established by the Norwegian Kennel Club on dog events at the current time, the organizers had no other option as cancel the event. The situation is not secure enough due to the unknown cause of the disease. Actually the organizers had been announced a few days ago, to wait with the final decision until October 1st.

The already registered teams who have already paid the entry fees upon registration, will be refundedt. They try to refund as much as possible. At the moment they are preparing this refund action. Due of the number of participants, this is a rather complex process. The participants should receive an e-mail with all necessary information in the next few days. With this decision it is now clear that the event will not be held definitely.


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