Norwegian Open 2018: Time for the moose

The first day of the Norwegian Open 2018 starts today in Kongsvinger, Norway. The already normally heavily staged tournament benefits this year from the Agility World Championship 2018 in Kristianstad, Sweden. Kongsvinger in Norway is only a few hundred kilometers away, which is why many teams participate this tournament. Anyway, in recent years, the Norwegian Open has become probably the most important and largest tournament, which is not held by the FCI. One of the competitors is the new Large World Champion Nicola Giraudi with Eira. But not only he is one of many well-known teams, which will fight in the next 3 days for the entry into the final, which takes place on Sunday. Below you will find a small excerpt of the well-known teams. You can find the complete start list here. Also the judges are, like every year international person. Sandra Deidda from Italy, Sari Mikkilä from Finland, Petr Pupik from the Czech Republic, Vittorio Papavero from Italy, Zeljko Gora from Croatia, Jocke Tangfelt from Sweden and from the host country Kurt Ove Steinset. will report daily from Norway in the next four days.

 Nicola Giraudi with Eira
 Jouni Orenius with Leia
 Svetlana Kreslina with Salsa
 Olivier Maunaert with Keen
 Alen Marekovic with Runo
 Monika Rylska with Chica
 Annika af Klercker with Storma
 Tereza Kralova with Say
 Nicole Kelpen with Becks
 Nina Gregl with Vis
 Floria Förster with Lynn
 Iwona Golab with Applause
 Anne Lenz with Itzi Bitzi
 Zeljko Gora with Tama
 Max Sprinz with Bäxx
 Tamas Traj with Queen
 Anne Lenz with Chi
 Roman Maruszczak with Brego

 Irene Yrstad with Lukas
 Svetlana Kreslina with Real
 Nicole Kelpen with Poke
 Olga Kwiecien with Brava
 Radka Mokrisova with Mia
 Roman Maruszczak with Evo
 Nicole Kelpen with Kite
 Nina Gregl with Boom
 Nicole Kelpen with Beam
 Ina Himle with Wii

 Fiona Lövdinger with Jesslys
 Davide Codebue with Billy The Kid
 Eli Beathe Sæther with Zelda
 Svetlana Kreslina with Ru
 Amsi Ko with Liv
 Olga Kwiecien with Mojo
 Eva Lacnakova with Joja
 Nicola Giraudi with Tsunami
 Eva Lacnakova with Chiqi
 Keida Ramaat with My

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