Norwegian Open 2018: Anne Lenz, Nina Gregl and Eva Lacnakova are the names of the winners

The Edition 2018 of the Norwegian Open is already history again. Anne Lenz and Itzi Bitzi, Nina Gregl with boom and Eva Lacnakova with Chiqi are the winners this year. Never ever before were the Norwegian Open filled with so many strong competitors as this year due to the World Championship last week in Kristianstad, Sweden, only a few hundred kilometers away. Not surprisingly, the finals were mostly occupied by foreign teams, which caused a lot of tension. And the spectators were not disappointed.

For last year’s winner Tereza Kralova was the mission title defense already over after obstacle three. Border Collie Say went around the long jump and took the next jump instead. Although without disqualification but with 15 penalty points completed World Champion Nicola Giraudi and Eira their run. There was also time to animate the audience during the run. Max Sprinz and Bäxx, winners of the European Open this year, made a mistake on the seesaw. Without a mistake stayed her compatriot Anne Lenz with Itzi Bitzi, who won the Norwegian Open 2018 with about half a second ahead of Svetlana Kreslina and Salsa. Behind Svetlana Kreslina, Nina Gregl and Vis are in third place.

Large (Full results)
gold  Anne Lenz with Itzi Bitzi
silver  Svetlana Kreslina with Salsa
bronze  Nina Gregl with Vis

But the Croatian had already made her hussar piece a few minutes earlier. She wins the medium tournament with Sheltie Boom just ahead of Ina Himle and Wii. Just 0.18 seconds was the gap between them. Both teams convinced with great running contacts from distance on the dogwalk. Third is the Brazilian Jose Luiz Filho with Bina. The two South Americans are classified a good second further back. The actual best time, however, was once again made by Silas Boogk with Beam. As at the World Cup, where a pole fell in the last run, the duo did not stay clear even in Norway. This time, after all, not only the bar rather the entire wing fell. Also Nicole Kelpen, Radka Mokrisova and Svetlana Kreslina did not stay clean.

Medium (Full results)
gold  Nina Gregl with Boom
silver  Ina Himle with Wii
bronze  Jose Luiz Filho with Bina

The dominator of the qualifying runs, Fiona Lövdinger with Jesslys did not finish the final run. Jesslys falsely disappeared into a tunnel instead of the slalom. This opened the way for others. And they made the decision gossamer among themselves. The Czech Eva Lacnakova with Chiqi wins the tournament with just a 0.01-second lead, which is almost nothing in front of the Estonian Keida Raamat and Sheltie Me. Svetlana Kreslina with Ru follows in third place. Their distance, however, is a bit bigger with more than a second. But the Latvian, who started with a total of four dogs and was also represented with all of them in the final, was on the podium twice overall.

Small (Full results)
gold  Eva Lacnakova with Chiqi
silver  Keida Raamat with Me
bronze  Svetlana Kreslina with Ru

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