Norwegian Championship 2019: Moderate tension in the land of the fjords

Lise-Irene Hansen, Ina Himle and Amelia Koidl are the Norwegian Champions 2019 in the three categories Large, Medium and Small. These were held last weekend in the Oslo Fjord Convention Center in Melsomvik. Lise-Irene Hansen and Gosh, who won the large competition we’re running by themselves. With a combined result of both final runs, they had a gap from 14 seconds to second placed Inger Bakkeby with Tinka. Third is Marthe Sørby with Mila. Also similarly clear was the result in the medium category, where Ina Himle took the title with Wii. Although Katrine Rørvik and Ina brought her almost in trouble with a similar time. But they got each one mistake in both runs and finished in the end only sixth. Mina Mathilde Engh Mathisen and Ifa took the second place instead. Third, with already a mistake is Elisabeth Vange with Candy. The small tournament, where the freshly drawn-in Austrian Amelia Koidl with Sheltie Liv takes the title, provided much more excitement. 0.62 seconds behind the duo, the Norwegian icon Tarjei Bratt Hveding-Gabrielsen places with Galena on the second place. Third is Helene Norstrøm Pettersen with Penny. Scarcely passing the victory is Eli Beate Sæther with Zelda. The two run a clear overall best time. A fault in the crucial second agility run buried the title ambitions for her.

Large (Full results)
gold Lise-Irene Hansen with Gosh
gold Inger Bakkeby with Tinka
gold Marthe Sørby with Mila

Medium (Full results)
gold Ina Himle with Wii
gold Mathilde Engh Mathisen with Ifa
gold Elisabeth Vange with Candy

Medium (Full results)
gold Amelia Koidl with Liv
gold Ikone Tarjei Bratt Hveding-Gabrielsen with Galena
gold Helene Norstrøm Pettersen with Penny

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