Norwegian AWC-Qualifications: Ina Himle and Eli Beate Sæther sovereign

Also in Norway, the final for the World Championship, the European Open and the Nordic Championship qualification took place last weekend. While the big favorites Ina Himle with Wii in the medium category and Eli Beate Sæther with Zelda in the small category prevailed as expected, has the dream World Championship 2019 burst for Irene Yrstad. Lise-Irene Hansen and Gosh are the winners in the Large Tournament and go to the World Championship again. The complete list and the final results are listed below.

Large (Result)
 Lise-Irene Hansen with Gosh (individual and team)
Silje Johansen with Windy (individual and team)
Jane Stensrud with Pipu (individual and team)
Signe Gundersen with Frk.ixi (team)
 Silje Johansen with Bea (reserve)

Medium (Result)
Ina Himle with Wii (individual and team)
Mina M E Mathisen with Ifa (individual and team)
Mikael Storli Tomasli with Chika (individual and team)
Vibecke Stenseth with Flint (team)
Ole Kr R B Sagløkken with Evo (reserve)

Eli Beate Sæther with Zelda (individual and team)
Tarjei B H Gabrielsen with Galena (individual and team)
Tonje Sollied Johansen with Seff (individual and team)
Marion Svendsen with Kida (team)
 John Odlolien with Enya (reserve)

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