Norway’s participation in the World Championship is still uncertain

The still unidentified disease, which is currently causing uncertainty in Norway and the riparian countries, now has consequences for the Norwegian Agility national team. Due to the uncertain situation, the Norwegian Kennel Club convened an extraordinary general meeting on September 9th with the unknown serious illness of the dogs as well as upcoming events such as the Agility World Championship and in general the competitions and exhibitions in their own country as main topics. Specifically, it was decided that for safety’s sake at the moment no national team will be sent to international tournaments. At the same time, they decided to stop all events for another weekend, and they maintain on the recommendation not to participate in foreign tournaments for another weekend. The situation will be re-evaluated next Monday, September 16th. It is questionable whether this new assessment also applies to the Norwegian national team. The time is running against a participation. Even most of the handlers from Norwegian team didn’t count lounger on their participation of this years AWC according to various Facebook posts. The first compulsory date of the World Championship would be the Veterinary Check on Wednesday and the following training.

So far, there are no similarities between cases of sick dogs in terms of age, race, feeding, contact with other dogs, walking paths. These are the first results from the questionnaire data collected from affected owners of deceased and sick dogs with symptoms of bloody bowel inflammation. The veterinary institute assumes until yesterday that there is no algae intoxication, no tick-borne diseases and also anthrax and cable plague (tularemia) are excluded. Campylobacter and Salmonella were already excluded after the first autopsy. In the next few days further analyzes and samples of sick and deceased dogs will be carried out.


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