Nordic Championship 2019: Scandinavia visits Denmark

When the national teams of Scandinavia meet eachother, then it’s time for the Nordic Championships. This year, the four nations will travel to Denmark in the city of Aarhus on the east coast of the mainland. In addition to a lot of prestige, it is for all four nations the final preparation for the Agility World Championship in Turku, Finland in September. Sweden are this years favorites again, but they face strong competition from the other three nations. Norway, for example, is in a strong upward trend, not least thanks to Ina Himle, Eli Beate Saether or Irene Yrstad. Last year, they already won the same number of medals as Sweden, but only two gold instead of the three from Sweden. With four, the most medals, albeit completely gold-free, were won in the previous year by Denmark. Also a strong sign, alongside Natasha Gjerulff’s Small World Champion title last year that they want to step out of the shadows of others. Something stuttering in the last few years is Finland. Accordingly, they are motivated to run the Nordic Championship this year. In the overall history Finland is still the most successful country. As a judge they hired the Italians Vitterio Papavero and Hans Peter Dinesen from Denmark.

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