Nordic Championship 2019: Jouni Orenius, Ina Himle and Enya Habel are the new Nordic champions

In changeable weather, the four Scandinavian countries Sweden, Finland, Norway and host Denmark held the Nordic champions in both individual and team competition. In the individual competition, the winners are Jouni Orenius, Ina Himle and Enya Habel. The latter two were also in advance the big favorites. Although Jouni Orenius was one of the favorites, besides previous winner Jenny Damm and Lilli, his chances were a bit smaller. In the individual competition Sweden gets the most medals by far. Two golden, one silver and one bronze adorn the account of the Swedes.

Grown-up in Finland and later emigrated to Sweden because of love. This is the story of Jouni Orenius, winner of this year’s Large Individual Competition. As one of only two, who remained clean in all three runs, he secured with Border Collie Neela the first place in front of the Dane Dennis Olsen and Number. The clearly fastest time actually reached compatriot Jenny Damm and Lilli. She was almost 5 seconds faster during all three runs than winner Jouni Orenius. But she even had one more mistake. Thus, the winner from the year 2017 and 2018 misses the hattrick. But to be on the podium three years in a row, you also have to make it first.

Large Individual (full results)
gold  Jouni Orenius with Neela
silver  Dennis Olsen with Number
bronze Jenny Damm with Lilli

Even clearer was the best time in the Medium Individual tournament. Ina Himle secures the best time of all runs with 10 seconds ahead of the Finns Ville Liukka and Ronja. The Norwegian was anyway considered the big favorite and could only beat herself. That’s what it looked like at the beginning. Although with best time but also a mistake she started already with a handicap in the tournament and increased the pressure on herself and Wii substantially. However, the young Norwegian kept that upright and ran the following jumping and the last agility run on Sunday without any mistakes. The podium is completed by another Finn, Minna Päivärinta and Ruu. The three medium runs were marked by many mistakes and failures. Which is certainly due to the wet underground.

Medium Individual (full results)
gold  Ina Himle with Wii
silver  Ville Liukka with Ronja
bronze Minna Päivärinta with Ruu

Enya Habel and Party get another respectable success in their portfolio with the victory of the small individual ranking. The duo was without mistakes in all three races and also wins with a big lead over Sandra Sjöberg with Milla. It almost came to a pure Swedish podium. But the Norwegian Tarjei B. Hveding-Gabrielsen and Galena prevented the pure Swedish party and displaced Fiona Lövdinger with Ella just in fourth place.

Small Individual (full results)
gold  Enya Habel with Party
silver  Sandra Sjöberg with Milla
bronze Tarjei B. Hveding-Gabrielsen with Galena

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