New tournament in the Italian Alps anounced: Alpine Agility Open

For the month of June, which is usually sown with a little number of tournaments, has been a new competition announced. The Alpine Agility Open will be held from 14 to 16 June near the French-Italian border in the Italian Alps. The event is not completely new. Just the name and the size have changed. This is an attempt to win some international participants. Overall, the event takes place on three rings like it is for example at the Moravia Open. There will be five judges, two foreigners and three from Italy. From abroad are Jeannine Gloor from Switzerland and Rene Blank from Germany. The three Italian judges are Sandra Deidda, Lorenzo Celic and Davide Codebue.

The tournament will take place in the area «Villlaggio Kinka». A mixture of hotel, campsite and amusement park with various smaller offers. The underground of the outdoor tournament will be grass. The competition is complemented by a course with Silas Boogk and Davide Codebue. These are available at the beginning of the week from 10 to 13 June. On Thursday, the organizers also offer a training day with Patrizia Ciuffetti. The registration for the tournament in a beautiful landscape starts tomorrow and is possible until the 26th of May.

Judges Alpine Agility Open 2019:
 Jeannine Gloor
Rene Blank
 Sandra Deidda
Lorenzo Celic
Davide Codebue


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