New hope in the case «Leela» after a video

The search for Leela, the missing Sheltie since the World Championship in Sweden continues. After there was no sign in the last 7-8 days, the search team reported a small breakthrough on Saturday. In a video by a private person, was seen a free-range dog in a garden. It wasn’t completely obvious in the video if the dog was really Leela. Just that it was pretty sure a dog on it. The video was taken just some kilometers outside of Åhus. About 23 kilometers from the last assumed area. The search team moved after the new hint the search area, whereupon the specially trained ID search dogs confirmed the scent of Leela. The sign of life spurred on the search again. The Colombian owners were also happy in the circumstances about the good news.

Below you will see two movies, one from the moment of ID-dog Loke´s confirmation of that the animal on the film in the garden was Leela. (Turn up the sound!)

If someone sees her, don’t call her and don’t try to catch her. Just call as soon as possible to 0708 96 93 70.

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