National Championship Sweden: Another title of many for Jenny Damm and Lilli

The unique success story between Jenny Damm and Border Collie Lilli continued in Klippan last weekend. The two win the final, provided by the German guest judge Stefanie Semkat before Cecilia Klingenberg. 0.29 seconds was the difference between the two. Third is Ramona Järnving with Bliss. However, even with a greater gap to the two front seats. Probably the most successful Swedish agility athlete also reached the final with the two other dogs Ziv and Azta. But made a mistake and with Azta a failure. Even the favored Jouni Orenius did not reach the finish in the final. In the Large category, Hanna Persson wins with Zuki, ahead of Anna Blomgren with Batman and Rüdiger Osterloh with Trixie.

Extra Large (FCI) (Full Results)
gold  Jenny Damm with Lilli
silver  Cecilia Klingenberg with Alice
bronze  Ramona Järnving with Bliss

Large (Full Results)
gold  Hanna Persson with Zuki
silver  Anna Blomgren with Batman
bronze  Rüdiger Osterloh with Trixie

In the medium classification Gabriella Hennings and Pudel Elvis took the first place with a little more than a second advantage. A bit tighter was the fight for the last podium finishes. These secured Jocke Tangfelt with Liam and Nadine Lindholm with Phoebe in the end. Swedish champion in the Small category is the experienced Patrik Rosendal with Yenna.

Medium (FCI) (Full Results)
gold  Gabriella Hennings with Elvis
silver  Jocke Tangfelt with Liam
bronze  Nadine Lindholm with Phoebe

Small (FCI) (Full Results)
gold  Patrik Rosendal with Yenna
silver Jannie Abelsson-Svensson with Inna
bronze  Fiona Lövdinger with Ella

Extra Small (Full Results)
gold  Fiona Lövdinger with Lilja
silver  Vera Lisenstedt with Wilma
bronze  Anna-Karin Sjödin with Laban

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