National Championship Germany: Double victory for Anne Lenz and the comeback of Daniel Schröder

It was a year, which hasn’t worked on the athletic side according to the wishes of Daniel Schröder. In the end, there was now still a reason to celebrate for him at the German Championship last weekend. He and Cashew are the new German Medium champions. Not surprisingly, Tobias Wüst and Dörte win the Small title. Anne Lenz also takes the double victory with Itzi Bitzi in the first place and Chi in second place.

Although succeeded Daniel Schröder in last year’s title, but with Gin in the large tournament. Gin was followed by Cashew last weekend in the Hundesportwelt Arena in Hemsbach in the Medium tournament. He places himself with a respectable 3.3 seconds lead out of the two final runs ahead of Krisztina Beitl-Kabai with Hydro. Third is Mareike Hirschfeld and Feifel. Daniel Schröder wins both runs quite clearly. Also Silas Boogk, who had no result in second run, lost in jumping over a second to Daniel Schröder.

Medium (Full results)
gold  Daniel Schröder with Cashew
gold Krisztina Beitl-Kabai with Hydro
gold  Mareike Hirschfeld with Feifel

Another success in Schröder’s house came with the third place of wife Bozena and Cap. However, with a considerable gap of almost five seconds to Tobias Wüst, who once again ran in his own league and maneuvered his Sheltie Dörte clean and safely over the course. For the third time in a row now. Second is Dirk Schlathölter with Lufefe. Between him and Bozena Schröder are just under a second. Tobias Wüst thus defends his title from the previous year and completes probably one of the most successful years of his career ever. On Facebook he also admitted after the tournament how much the high expectations demanded. Especialy after such a year.

Dörte wins the VDH German Championship for the third time in a row. What a series … she wins EO, WM, AGC and then finally the German Championship. Simply amazing. But we had to pull ourselves together this weekend… We are tired, tired of Agility and tired again and again to comply with the requirements and win!

Small (Full results)
gold  Tobias Wüst with Dörte
gold Dirk Schlathölter with Lufefe
gold  Bozena Schröder with Cap

No less impressive is the performance of Anne Lenz and the two border collies Chi and Itzi Bitzi. Especially Itzi Bitzi ran this weekend in a separate world. 3.63 seconds ahead of Chi. This means the title of the German Champion, as well as the vice-title goes to Anne Lenz. In a first statement she criticized her own handling, but thanks the dogs, which have saved her.

How could that happen? I am just unbelievable happy. I have the best dogs in the world – even when I was not always on point.

The podium is also completed by a woman. Christiane Fischbach and Jive miss the second place by just 0.07 seconds and win the bronze medal.

Large (Full results)
gold  Anne Lenz with Itzi Bitzi
gold Anne Lenz with Chi
gold  Christiane Fischbach with Jive

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