National Championship Germany 2018: HSZ dominates

There are only two weeks between the German Classics and the German national championships. After the not retrieving performance from some highly traded teams at the German Classics, a lot peoples were curious how it would be at the national championships in the Bavarian Kreuth. And so much ahead – it also caught some teams yesterday. But not Daniel Schröder with Gin, Bozena Schröder with Puck and Tobias Wüst with Dörte. These three are the Winners of the three categories.

Probably no one expected before the start, that Daniel Schroeder and Tobias Wüst are at the forefront of the Large classement in this order. Even if the two exceptional athletes are always good for a surprise and the two dogs Gin and Reav are far from slow. With Gin, Daniel Schröder collected already 2 German National titles in the past years. Jana Kniest reached the fastest time from both runs with Gwen. The time was a second faster than that of Daniel Schroeder and Gin, but with ten error points they were out of the race. After the winner from the jumping, Mona Grefenstein and Qju also left the race with a Dis, then at that point it was clear that Daniel Schröder and Gin are the German champions in 2018. There was a scare moment for Max Sprinz and Bäx. The second-placed after jumping excrete in the final and decisive pass at the first hurdle. Bäx jumps unhappily into the first hurdle and then had to cancel the run. The third is Christian Prinz with Wake.

National Championship Germany 2018 – Large (Full results)
gold  Daniel Schröder with Gin
gold  Tobias Wüst with Reav
gold  Christian Prinz with Wake

In the Medium Tournament, the duel between Silas Boogk and Daniel Schroeder was once again on the program. After jumping, it looked pretty similar to how it was two weeks earlier at the German Classics. Daniel Schroeder and Cashew win the first run with 0.12 ahead of Silas Boogk and Beam. The third and in a lurking position was Bozena Schroeder. When Silas Boogk run into a disqualification, all the course was set for a repeat of the result of German Classics. Bozena Schroeder also brought the second run to the finish without error and settled on the interim first place. Now it was up to Daniel Schroeder and Cashew to fix the first place and bring the run to the finish line. However, he should not succeed this time either. So his wife Bozena Schroeder wins the German title in the Medium category. Unchallenged with seven seconds ahead of second-placed Maurice Münch with Sheltie Twix. The two are then also the only ones who achieve the two runs without penalty points. Third place goes with a mistake and a refusal to Annette Erb with Florence.

National Championship Germany 2018 – Medium (Full results)
gold  Bozena Schröder with Puck
gold  Maurice Münch with Twix
gold  Annette Erb with Florence

In the small competition, Tobias Wüst wins with Dörte ahead of Dirk Schlathölter with Boomer. Also a pretty unendangered win with almost quite 7 seconds advantage. Third is Sina Just with mini poodle Kiss. After the first run, Bozena Schroeder was still on a podium place. In the Agility run, however, she got five error points and the wish of a second podium place of the day was gone. Despite many others outages. Because of this, she still reached the eighth place at the end. Which, of course, is secondary in such a competition. With the victory of Tobias Wüst, this category is once again clearly dominated by the German one.

National Championship Germany 2018 – Small (Full results)
gold  Tobias Wüst with Dörte
gold  Dirk Schlathölter with Boomer
gold  Sina Just with Kiss


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