Mutual separation based on differences of opinion in the Swiss national team

The Swiss national team remains turbulent. After just only one year, Urs Inglin surprisingly leaves the Swiss national team as team leader by mutual agreement with the Swiss Agility association (TKAMO). The exact reasons for the differences of opinion between the association and Urs Inglin were not communicated. He took on the task with Anita Leonardi last year, which was very well received within Switzerland. As Urs Inglin was an experienced veteran of Swiss Agility, and Anita Leonardi, a representative of the western part of Switzerland. But the mission for the so long hoped medals also failed in Finland under them. However, this is less due to the team management. Switzerland also lost in the eternal medal table from all previous Agility World Championship a place against Germany.

Team leadership has always caused a stir in Switzerland. The last time was in 2016, when Rainer Woblistin, an Austrian, took up this position. Before he also suddenly and surprisingly resigned from the job in 2018. At that time, Sascha Grunder took over the management of the national team transitionally before Urs Inglin and Anita Leonardi were selected for 2019. The latter will remain also in 2020. The position of Urs Inglin will be occupied by the previous team assistant Sophie Lanari.


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