Moravia Open 2019: Successful ten-year anniversary

The ten-year anniversary tournament of the Moravia Open fulfilled the high expectations. In best weather conditions, the tournament took place as usual on the artificial turf of the sports stadium of Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. Small European Open winner Marusa Podjed proves that she can compete successful in the Large category and wins the tournament with Border Collie Pan. Behind them are Iwona Golab with Applause and Lucie Glejdurová with Twix. Between the two, it was very close with a difference of just 0.10 seconds. By far the fastest time in the final achieved Svetlana Kreslina with Salsa. But not with a clean run. World Championship judge Saari Mikila stayed firm and held up her hand after a not that perfect seesaw from Salsa. Last years winner Tereza Kralova and Say had to fit due to a little injury.

gold  Marusa Podjed with Pan (400 Euro)
silver  Iwona Golab with Applause (280 Euro)
bronze  Lucie Glejdurová with Twix (200 Euro)

In the medium tournament, last year’s third placed Kaisa Tsäro won with Zira ahead of Evelin Szakál and Sasha from Hungary. The Hungarian benefited by a little mistake from Anita Szilagyi, who has overlooked that Poodle Sasha overstepped the last pole in the slalom. An only too human mistake. Third, and thus just missed the double victory was Kaisa Tsäro with Lizzi. The young Estonian practically ran trough the whole weekend strong and cleans runs.

gold  Kaisa Tsäro with Zira (400 Euro)
silver  Evelin Szakál with Sasha (280 Euro)
bronze  Kaisa Tsäro with Lizzi (200 Euro)

There was a no less exciting competition in the Small category too. Just the gaps between the teams are somewhat obscure. The big tournament favorite and last year second placed, Pavol Vakonic with Sheltie Meryl wins with less than a second ahead of Manca Mikec with Papillon Aksi. Third, with again another second behind Svetlana Kreslina with Chi.

gold  Pavol Vakonic with Meryl (400 Euro)
silver  Manca Mikec with Aksi (280 Euro)
bronze  Svetlana Kreslina with Chi (200 Euro)

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