Max Sprinz waives World Championship participation due to current circumstances

The European Open winner of 2018 Max Sprinz will not take part at the Agility World Championship in Finland. He canceled his participation in the biggest agility tournament of the year just a few days before the start. He cites the unsafe situation in Norway with the still unidentified illness, which has led to serious illnesses and deaths in Greater Oslo as the reason for his resignation. For the young German is the risk of contracting his Border Collie Bäx too big. Even though there is still no confirmed case of the same disease in Finland or any other countries. At the same time, he emphasizes that with this uncertainty he can not fully stand behind participation and cannot apply the full concentration to his runs. Due to a seminar in Finland, which takes place a week before the World Championship, he also has less time to assess the situation. All these reasons have led him in the end to renounce participation. His position in the team will be taken over by Nadine Weichböse and Border Collie Anakin, who would have traveled to Finland anyway as a reserve team.

Statement Max Sprinz

No AWC for Bäxx and me this year… Since I’m already flying today because of a seminar and don’t get the chance to take a longer thought about the situation in Norway, I decided to cancel our participation. I really struggled with my decision since we all don’t know what will happen in the next days. But everyone who knows me can imagine that struggling with things like that isn’t my thing and the feeling of not being sure and calm about it all makes me crazy…

Nadine Weichböse you deserve it so much and I’m happy you are the one getting my spot. I wish everybody the best and I am looking forward to AWC tryouts in 2020. Team Germany – make me proud!

After the announcement by Max Sprinz on Facebook, the German national team has responded immediately to the current situation to counteract any speculation and rumors. The leadership of the national team informs that there is currently no reason not to participate in the World Championship due to the incidents in Norway. They keep an eye on the situation every day and take the situation very seriously. But a closed resignation as a whole team is currently not an option.


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