Magna Racino Open 2020: Sunday’s finalists

The participants for tomorrow’s Magna Racino Open final in Ebreichsdorf, Austria, were choosen during four qualification runs over the past two days. For all unqualified there will be another small chance to qualify tomorrow in a Lucky Loser run. After B.A.C.K. 2020 a few weeks ago, where a lot of the spectators hoped to see the battle in the final between Tereza Kralova and Iwona Golab in vain, this will be corrected tomorrow. Even if the two are certainly the big favorites, there are many other strong teams in wait. We have listed the finalists for you. However, this is an unconfirmed and unofficial list of finalists.

Tereza Kralova with Say
Alice Laforge with Tesla
Beata Luchowska with Malibu
Iwona Golab with App
Christiane Fischbach with Jive
Alexandre Delrez with Bill
Agnes Toth with Sun
Davide Codebue with Bomber
Sonja Hampl with Tex
Roman Lukac with Metaxa
Fabrizio Tebaldi with El Hechizo
Olga Edrova with Adar
Jitka Liznova with Arwen
Zuzana Matouskova with Diamond
Iwona Golab with Sayonara
Sarolta Marton with Popeye
Alen Marekovic with Runo
Susanna Bytyci with Allegro
Violetta Fugazza with Eenymeeny
Lisa-Marie Tesar with Buddy
Krisztina Holti with Onix
Sabrina Hierner with Socks
Monika Reichart with Estrella Ella
Michaela Vyhlidalova with Daisy
Tanja Wuppinger with Amicelli
Zeljko Gora with Hash
Lucie Glejdurova with Twix
Nina Gregl with Wai
Simon Tabourat with Xcell
Manuela Piccin with Marvel
Claudia Redl with JayDee
Anja Blazevic with Buha
Karolina Zawistowska with Juddy
Jürg Untersee with Presley
Lara Heinzel with Pino
Francesca Belladonna with Gunner
Liska Radovan with Prodigy
Marusa Podjed with Pan
Miha Primozic with Dice
Ola Klobukowska with Queen
Viktoria Bartalis with Annie
Elpida Ismael with Diesel
Mateja Majer with Munja
Letizia Grunder with Zao

Agnes Acs-Kövesi with Ike
Sabrina Hauser with Layla
Laszlo Zsombor with Ark
Veronika Krupkova with Brave
Aneta Obrusnikova with Arrya
Csenge Ficzere with Rozi
Barbora Kozlova with Run For Fun
Michaela Tejckova with Faranois
Oswald Haiderer with Norman
Lenka Senkelkova with Diesel
Sarah Aichholzer with Sina
Nina Gregl with Boom
Helmut Paulik with Kiwi
Anna Jantschgi with Tequila
Ugrin Babunski with Zin
Jäckl Aniko with Baylee
Adrienne Szabo with Becca
Patricia Plazotta with Rio
Jasmin Dragan with Zoey
Marcela Stakova with Carlotta
Michaela Krivka with Pippilotta
Markus Leitgelb with Mexx
Aneta Obrusnikova with Kehely
Francesco Zaccarini with Kola

Robert Brezniker with Brie
Agnieszka Kowalik with Gia
Dominik Oehler with Anoki
Sibila Vadlja with Ben
Ray Brigitta with Sinistra
Olga Edrovà with Bodie Black
Orsolya Erdei-Nagy with Chivas
Lisa Grassler with Nepomuk
Pavol Vakonic with Meryl
Dalma Naggyor with Welle
Sandra Langer with Iowa
Sabina Marxer with Princess
Karolina Kosik with Szczerbatek
Manuela Kahr with Bakira
Tereza Loucna with Gina
Alberto Marmo with Dhitta
Anna Jantschgi with Karma
Vendula Vejrazkova with Asian
Anna Ivanova with Marvitholl
Hana Ampapova with Zappy
Monika Saling with Star
Ana Geohelli with Ita
Magdalena Labieniec with Elfie
Dalma Naggyor with Welle
Karin Riegler with Kate
Jerneja Kromar with Upper
Ina Spaetgens with Lotte
Janez Pirnar
Silvi Ivanis with Flurry

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