Magna Racino Open 2020: Let’s go to the second tournament

The second big tournament of the year takes us back to the German-speaking area on the one hand and to a well-known location on the other hand. Namely to Austria in Ebreichsdorf, the venue of the European Open 2018 and of course the Magna Racino Open in the past years. In addition to the modern hall with sand, the organizers also lure with a lot of prominent judges. Petr Pupik from the Czech Republic, Jocke Tangfelt from Sweden, Bernd Hüppe as local and Michael Schilling from Germany. From the three defending champions, have been two registered, but only Large defending champion Tereza Kralova and Say started on the first day. Sandi Okanovic as Small winner 2019 is on the entry list but was not there today. Tamara Sedlmaier with You wasn’t even on the entry list and will not defeat her title.

There are many other names on the entry list, which will offer us exciting runs. Iwona Golab, Alice Laforge, Christiane Fischbach, Pavol Vakonic or Zeljko Gora to name just a few. Tereza Kralova and Iwona Golab were then also two names that won one of the two races of today and are therefore already in the final. The first 16 Large dogs in one of the four open runs qualify for the final which will be held on Sunday. In the Medium and Small teams, there are the first 8 qualified for the final. In contrast to many other tournaments, nobody moves up if a team has already qualified.

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