Magna Racino 2019: Dogs of the kennel Summergarden dominate while Tereza confirmed her form

Tereza Kralova continues where she stopped. She also wins the Magna Racino Open after the Gold Rush Competition in last December. The Czech placed in front of Iwona Golab with App. There was a double reason to be happy in the kennel Shelties of Summergarden. The famous Sheltie breed from Austria brings two dogs to the top of the podium. In the medium tournament, it is with Tamara Sedlmaier one of the two breeders itself, while Sandi Okanovic wins the small tournament with Miya. The final was decided in just one agility run after a previous qualification.


The places 2 til 4 behind Tereza Kralova and Say were all in Polish hands. With Iwona Golab in second place, then Ola Klobukowska and Joanna Fischer on places 3 and 4. For once the big names from Germany stayed away from the event. But they probably would not have changed the victory of Tereza Kralova. The Czech presented her again in old strength. It is another success for Tamara Sedlmaier after the victory in the Swiss Agility Cup 2018 and the qualification for the World Championship last year. She placed about half a second ahead of Spaniard Rafael Arjona Gordillo. Behind them is Magdalena Domanska from Poland. Surprisingly many teams reached the finish in the course of the German judge Rene Blank without mistakes. Of the 35 finalists 12 were without mistakes.

Large (Full results)
gold  Tereza Králová with Say
gold Iwona Golab with App
gold  Ola Klobukowska with Yuca

Medium (Full results)
gold  Tamara Sedlmaier with You
gold  Rafael Arjona Gordillo with Quillo
gold  Magdalena Domanska with MORA

Beside Rene Blank were Thomas Ebeling and the Finnish World Championship judge Sari Mikkilä in action. For the Finn, it was the prelude to one of many tournaments she will judge this year. Thomas Ebeling set the course for the small teams. At the Amadeus World Cup, Sandi Okanovic failed narrowly in the final. Accordingly motivated he should be started in the tournament in Lower Austria. Anyway, his lead in the final was a proud 2.20 seconds to the Austrian Markus Fuska. Third is Nadine Friesenegger, also from Austria.

Small (Full results)
gold  Sandi Okanovic with Miya
gold  Markus Fuska with Cerry Lee
gold  Nadine Friesenegger with Seeya

Sandi Okanovic with Miya

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