Look back to Tereza Králová and Say at the Gold Rush Competition

It was once again a real blast at the end of the Agility year 2018. The Gold Rush Competition at the Hundesportzentrum NRW provided the best entertainment on and beside the course. And it was also the conciliatory conclusion for Tereza Pospěchová Králová in a year full of ups and downs. Above all was the death of her Golden Retriever dog Sheila in June. Moments in which success and failures take a back seat. But fortunately, there were also heights. For example, in the form of love happiness and the marriage in late August or the new four-legged partner Border Collie bitch High, whose name might not be suitable chosen. After four months, she was already 46 to 47 cm tall.

From a sporting point of view, of course, the Czech was alwaysFrom a sporting point of view, of course, the Czech was always compared to the year 2017. A year in which she and Border Collie Say were in the shape of their lives. There were almost no tournament in which the two were not at the top of the podium. Beside the World Championship title in the own country, the victory of the European Open in the same year and countless wins at some smaller tournaments. A performance for the history books.

2018 was then slightly traversed from a sporting perspective. The usual constancy from the previous year was gone. And of course the other competitors have moved much closer to her. Nevertheless, the two were mostly in the lead even in 2018 when they reached the finish. If they reached the finish line. In the Amadeus Cup were the two eliminated already early in the small final, also eliminated was the duo at the Norwegian Open. Just in time for the World Championship, they presented themselves again in their old strength. In the end resulted a strong fifth place. And then some weeks ago the victory in the heavily occupied Gold Rush Competition in Germany.

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