Livestream for Agility World Championship is now available for 25 euros

The livestream for the Agility World Championship in Turku, Finland is produced and broadcast by the professional streaming service OZ. From today on, interested people can book the livestream. With OZ, the organizers use a similar platform as Sweden did last year. A not insignificant difference exists in the price. While the livestream over the entire duration of the last World Championship has cost 43 euros, will Finland cost just 25 euros for all days. There is again the possibility to buy only a single day for 9 euros. To get access to the livestream you need an account before you can make the payment.

The streaming service OZ has various sports leagues in the portfolio. For example, games of the Dominican Football League, Concacaf Champions League and Nations League are broadcasted and partially produced. OZ describes itself as a one-stop solution for a league’s live production, distribution and community building needs. The company operates in several countries, including Finland, Sweden, Chile and the United States.


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