Lilly Leete, Enya Habel and Felicia Fagerström set up their own agility YouTube channel

The three Swedes Lilly Leete, Enya Habel and Felicia Fagerström presented their latest project this week. The project is based on a collective YouTube channel with focus on Agility. The content should be a colorful mix of training videos, competition videos, challenges and much more around dogs and the journeys with them. The way in which the videos are planned should be particularly interesting. Namely as video blogs, so-called vlogs. The videos are partly produced in Swedish, but also sometimes in English. It is also planned to publish a video every week. Enya Habel already started this week with a video in which she explains her current trip to the USA in more detail. More concrete the topic of flying with dogs and what there is to think and concern in advance before entering the plane. The second video on the channel is a presentation video by Felicia Fagerström, but also in Swedish.


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