Lets start the new year with some statistics

We wish you a successful new year in good health. A year full of new exciting adventures and new memories. We would like to use the turn of the year to thank for your loyalty and looking forward to another year full of Agility. It is time to show you a statistical look behind the scenes and what additional content you can expect from 2020.

Let’s start with an impressive number, that of the adjusted pageviews. In 2019, that were impressive 184,777 individual page views. In the previous year, it was just something over 100,000 with 102,675. And this year now, we reached almost 200,000 views. Most of them visited the main page with the latest information on it. Followed by the result overview, the event overview, the calendar, and the course plans. The most-read article was the, admittedly somewhat sensational news about the serious disease in Norway. On average, our readers spend around 3 minutes during a visit on our homepage and clicked trough 3 different pages.

But how many people actually visited us? Three times more than a year earlier. Expressed in numbers, 60,023 different users or devices. In the previous year, there were 19,066. 70% of the 60’023 visitors were for the first time on agilitynow.eu. Most visitors came from Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. The fact that Switzerland has the second most visitors is, of course, all the more pleasing to us, since we have not forgotten our roots. We have some ideas for the new year that we want to implement. We also want to show a lot more image and video material and involve social media more.

Statement Project Manager Sascha Vadagnin

For us, these numbers and the upward trend that is emerging over the past months are not new, but they are also not less gratifying. Therefore, I would like to thank the entire team, some of whom sacrifice a lot of their free time. Mistakes happen not just on the field, they also can happen here, even if we try to keep them as low as possible. I would also like to thank the loyal readership and of course the organizers and the two- and four-legged teams. This project would not be possible without these four factors. At this point the note that we are always open to supporters who want to help us with articles, contributions, and ideas. But now I wish you all a successful and healthy new year.

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